Pathfinder Colors of Golarion Paint Set #1


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This paint set includes 28 half-ounce (.5 oz) bottles of Officially Licensed Pathfinder: Colors of Golarion latex paints, specifically designed for miniatures painting. These paints are water-soluble, fast drying, easy to clean, airbrush friendly, and have a matte finish. Pathfinder Paints are ideal for metal, resin, or plastic miniatures!

28 Paints
  ‣ Shelyn Blush
  ‣ Milani Rose
  ‣ Sinspawn Pink
  ‣ Seon iScarlet
  ‣ Merisiel Red
  ‣ Cailean Wine
  ‣ Asmodeus Red
  ‣ Urgathoa Red
  ‣ Cavalier Orange
  ‣ Numeria Rust
  ‣ Osirian Sand
  ‣ Cairn Stone
  ‣ Calistria Yellow
  ‣ Sarenrae Yellow
  ‣ Boggard Green
  ‣ Alchemical Green
  ‣ Lini Green
  ‣ Tian Xia Jade
  ‣ Goblin Green
  ‣ Hodag Green
  ‣ Medusa Green
  ‣ Grindylow Blue
  ‣ Akata Blue
  ‣ Ice Devil Blue
  ‣ Irrisen Blue
  ‣ Marid Blue
  ‣ Andoran Blue
  ‣ Ezren Blue
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